Thursday, November 18, 2010

Olivieri Brothers Awarded First ENERGY STAR Office Building SouthEast of I-55

The three story High Point One office building located at 9500 Bormet Drive in Mokena Illinois has obtained the ENERGY STAR Label for Buildings, recognizing it as being one of the top office buildings across the country for least amount of energy used per square foot.
“A building has to have a 75 to qualify for the label.  High Point One scored a 94, which means it’s in the 94th percentile of all office buildings,” said Christopher Algmin, an Architect of Olivieri Brothers who collected energy data for the building, “but we’re just excited to have the label.”
By using less energy, this frees up resources for others to take advantage of.  From the Energy Star Report, on average, High Point One uses 137 kBTUs less energy per square foot and causes 346,000 fewer pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per year.  Which means it uses 46% less energy than a typical office building.

Comparison of Total Energy Use of a typical office building (Red) vs. High Point One (Blue)

“The energy savings to our tenants is also appreciated”, said Don Olivieri, President of Olivieri Brothers, Inc. “and allows them to use their resources to grow their business instead of paying higher energy bills.”
The High Point office building was designed and built by Olivieri Brothers in 2001, but only recently went through the rigorous evaluation to receive the ENERGY STAR.  “For being 8 years old, and having such a high rating, it says a lot about the design and construction of the building,” said Algmin.
Olivieri added, “Our focus for the past twenty years has been on energy use and building systems to improve energy efficiency in our designs.  High Point One is a fine example, but I believe that many of the buildings designed by Olivieri Brothers would qualify for the ENERGY STAR rating.”
Olivieri Brothers also offers an Energy Evaluation Service for all building owners that are interested in seeing how their buildings perform.  It includes compiling the required data about the building and applying for the ENERGY STAR label if the building qualifies.  If the building does not qualify, Olivieri Brothers will offer options to improve the overall energy efficiency of the building.
“The ENERGY STAR program does a lot to help raise awareness of the energy we use.  It is a great benefit to the community to have high-performance buildings,” said Olivieri.  “We’re very excited and proud of High Point, but we’re more excited to bring attention to what the South suburbs have to offer.”
For additional information or to obtain a copy of the Energy Star Report, contact Christopher Algmin at (815) 469-6400.

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