Friday, November 5, 2010

Proactive in keeping your offices safe

Olivieri Real Estate LLC is proactive in all that we do and plan for at all of our office buildings.  For instance, high traffic commercial office buildings tend to bring in unwanted visitors to your building, so do you want to be proactive or reactive towards keeping out these unwanted visitors (solicitors, those up to no good, etc.)?  In many of the buildings that Olivieri Real Estate LLC is the Property Manager, we have set up locked entrances that require Visitor Authorization by tenants inside the building, this is to allow visitors entry by buzzing-in over the phone.  This makes it easy for screening over the phone to provide protection versus a face-to-face unwanted confrontation, or even pesky door-to-door salespeople.  Also, in many of the buildings that we manage, we have added security cameras at all of the entrances to provide that extra added surveillance, should there be the need.  We have never had any problems in any of our office buildings, but if we do, we will be ready.  For piece of mind of our tenants and owners, we know being proactive is always the smartest path to take. 

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