Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Regency Office Suites has a new tenant - Prospera Financial Services

Mokena, Illinois (September, 2013) Olivieri Real Estate LLC, is pleased to announce the completed lease for Prospera Financial Services located at the Regency Office Suites occupying Suite 105 at 10062 190th Place, Mokena, Illinois.  Michael Townsend is a Certified Financial Planner for Prospera Financial Services, which is a Texas based company.  Michael Townsend can assist individuals with all their financial planning needs. 

Regency has 18 shared offices, with a common conference room, break-room and reception.  All utilities and internet are included in one low monthly bill.  If you are interested in available office space, please contact Olivieri Real Estate LLC, at 815-469-6400, or visit our website at

Regency Office Suites, Mokena, IL

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Contain Holdings, LLC signs lease at High Point I

Mokena, Illinois (September, 2013)  Olivieri Real Estate is pleased to announce the completed lease negotiations of Contain Holdings, LLC, doing business under the trade name of “Relevant Healthcare Cost Containment.”  Relevant Healthcare Cost Containment is located in Suite 204, in the High Point I Office Building, located at 9500 Bormet Drive in Mokena, Illinois. 

Relevant Healthcare Cost Containment offers employers a no cost way to help control and lower health care costs.  Relevant Healthcare Cost Containment’s management has assembled a suite of cost-containment services that, in combination, attack over 50% of the total annual medical expenditure of any group health purchaser.  The suite of cost-containment services include Radiology, Dialysis, Oncology, Hospital Medical Bill Audit and Pharmacy, which are areas within the health care field that are sources of major concern to all employers all across the country.  While, it is widely acknowledged that radiology will continue to be a significant cost driver for most health care purchasers, by adding its Dialysis, Oncology, Hospital Medical Bill Audit, and Pharmacy Benefit Management programs, Relevant Healthcare Cost Containment’s suite of cost-containment services can attack over 50% of the total annual medical expenditure and produce an estimated 20% savings in benefit costs, thus providing an ascertainable benefit to employers that are seeking to control health care costs, third-party administrators that need to carve out expensive procedures for their clients and any other union or coalition that is looking to bring more value to its clients.

High Point One